DP 48 6105 Compression Seal

Compression Seal

The Doric DP48 6105 has been designed with a duel function to provide a more positive compression seal between the window frame and sash, as well as a glazing seal.


  • Polypropylene backing for faster insertion. 
  • The sealing face of the compression seal is ‘made from SANTOPRENE® TPV’.
  • Excellent performance where sealing is subject to broad temperature variation.
  • Able to be heat welded at corners for added performance. 
  • Will not crimp, twist, or compression set.
  • Designed to contact sealing face at two points for greater sealing.
  • Excellent UV Stability for longer life. 

SANTOPRENE®  TPV is the trade mark of the Exxon Mobil Corporation